My name is Luz Alliati (aka Luchi), I’m a 27 year old watercolor artist and surface designer. My background is in graphic design and fashion, where I fell in love with visual storytelling and patterns for textiles. Nowadays, I work in collaboration with companies around the world, licensing and selling my designs for all types of products. I absolutely love seeing my art in greeting cards, notebooks, art prints, textiles, wallpaper and other physical products cause that’s when they really shine. Watercolors are my main medium for creating, and every once in a while I combine them with pens, pencils, pigment liners and markers. My art is inspired by nature, gardening, the coast and my latest travels.



How I work / my process:

  • All of my designs are born from hand-painted watercolor illustrations

  • I scan and edit all of my designs in Adobe Photoshop, where I create repeating patterns and play with color palettes and layouts.

  • My designs are organized by themes, colors or collections.

  • If you’re interested in buying or licensing my work, you can contact me here and I’ll send you a link to my full portfolio.

  • In my portfolio you’ll see designs for all the seasons or we can create something custom-made for a specific project.

  • I send the respective files through dropbox or wetransfer and receive the arranged payments via Paypal or direct deposit after both parties have signed the contract.