Coastal Calm- Trends I love

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One of my favorite themes for inspiration is the Coast and I love how many perspectives one can take to approach it. One I’m really into lately is all about peace, quiet and escape. It breathes tranquility, vacations and disconnecting from the city/the internet/the modern world, your pick. It has a very reduced color palette and all evoke the feeling of stress-free beach days.

White On White- Trends I love

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I love art and design pieces that are very minimalist in color palette and style. One trend I love in photography are beautiful images where at least 50% of the image is white yet the way they play with shape, shadows and texture creates incredibly appealing art. I tried to show exactly that in this moodboard, adding some fashion, graphic design and art.

Style Series Part II: Coastal

My first theme for my style series was all about fun, bright and happy colors (click here to read about it). It had an eclectic look with a broad color palette. For my second theme I chose a youthful Costal style. This theme is a little more focused than my previous one. My approach is bohemian, casual with some tropical elements. As always I started by making a moodboard with some of my favorite theme-related images on my Pinterest profile. If you click on the image, it will direct you to my 'Coastal Life' board with all these images and their credits.

The main themes are: the ocean, a blue color palette, palm trees, tropical elements, youthful summer adventures, the coast, bohemian independence and more. Watercolors are perfect for this theme, I specially love how turquoise looks in watercolor hand-lettering and gradients.

Coastal Collection

Just like in my last blog post, I'm going to include some designs I already had in this theme for my new collection. Most of them are available on my society 6 shop in art prints, home decor products, stationery and more. My favorite products for this themes are beach towels, coasters, throw pillows, art prints and serving trays.

Firstly, let me introduce you to two mini collections within this theme. On the right the Sea Life collection, that looks great as a 4 piece gallery wall, and on the left, the Tropical collection, which has 4 designs inspired by the rows of palm trees I see every time I go to the Coast.

Next, I want to share some hand-painted watercolor quotes I did for this theme. I tried to find quotes relevant to the spirit of this style. Here are my favorites:

I also want to share how these designs look on actual products from Society 6.

Here is a banner I did to promote my designs on Pinterest. I wanted to show the possible combinations of throw pillows and the general theme in one image.

Lastly, I wanted to share one design that even though is super simple, it's perfect for a beach home and looks amazing on all sorts of products.

My question to you now, is what's your favorite coastal destination? + I'd really like to know what theme/style you'd like me to approach next! Feel free to share and please leave a heart/ like/ comment if you want me to keep doing this series. XO. Have a great week!