Frequently asked questions:

What tools do you use?

My tools for creating designs are:

  • Watercolors: I have a variety of brands that I use depending on the project. The ones I like the most are Windsor and Newton and Dr. Ph Martins Watercolor Inks.

  • Pencils: drawing with a pencil before painting can be tricky because it has to be light so that it doesn’t dissolve in the watercolor graying the color. It’s very difficult to erase after there’s watercolor on top, which can be done in Photoshop but it also makes the editing process much longer. When I do use pencils I make sure to stick to 2H, 4H, HB or 2B.

  • Brushes: I don’t have a lot of experience with different brushes and I need to test a brush to see if it works for me. In plain sight, my favorite brushes for watercolor are round, flexible, durable, from small to medium size (2-8) and maintain their shape after many uses. The ones I’m loving at the moment are Princeton’s Neptune and Velvetouch.

  • Watercolor paper: Right now, I’m in a period of testing different papers cause it really is the only way of knowing what works best for you. My favorite so far are thick papers (at least 300 gms) with not a lot of texture. I’ve bought a huge pack of pretty thick mix media paper (50x65 cm/19x25 cm) and I’m absolutely loving working with the large scale. It’s not the easiest for scanning but it’s working great for me anyway.

Are you teaching any classes at the moment?

No, but thank you so much for asking! I don’t have any online courses yet but I do plan to create some courses in the future. At the time being, I have too much things going on and there’s nothing concrete planned.

Do you do custom work?

Yes, I do commissions for brands who have special projects in mind. Please contact me here and leave me a message with all necessary information about your company and the project.

Do you have an art agent? Are you interested in getting representation?

I don’t have an art agent at the moment but I plan to get representation in the future so I can focus more on creating rather than the business/selling part.

Do you have any advice for people who want to learn to do what you do?

I’d say the most important thing is to develop your unique voice and style by practicing lots and growing in your craft. I think it’s something I work on everyday to hopefully make my art unique and as original as possible. I’d also suggest learning to use editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and to try sharing your work on social media.