Welcome to Gardenia Watercolors!

Hello there! My name is Luz Alliati, I’m a watercolor artist and surface designer. Gardenia Watercolors is how I share joyful art with the world and how I collaborate with brands to develop beautiful products. All of my designs are hand-painted with watercolors and digitized in Adobe Photoshop. Here are some of my latest designs organized by themes and collections. Some of them are patterns, others have hand-lettering, illustrations and more. If you’re interesting in licensing or buying, please contact me through my contact page.

Garden Greenery Designs


I’ve gathered all of my favorite greenery illustrations to showcase below. I love how watercolors lend themselves to romantic styles in this theme.


Coastal-Inspired Designs


My main sources of inspiration are travelling and nature. Beach retreats offer an amazing array of shapes and colors.


Mediterranean Indigo Collection


This collection is inspired by the beautiful colors of the mediterranean sea and coast. It features simple hand-painted shapes and nature elements.



Whimsical Geometric Designs


Drawing geometric figures by hand isn’t about perfectly straight lines but about the fun whimsical results.


Floral Designs


Here are some of my floral designs in a pink/fuscia/green color palette.


Bright and Fun Designs


Fun party-inspired patterns in a rainbow of colors.